The Old Man and His Machine

If we're working in our office sitting in a comfortable chair, our computer and other work supplies organized on the desk, ready at hand; and the room temperature maintained at a comfortable cool by the air conditioner; we should be thankful. We should be grateful for the blessings that we have. Our work station could have been just like the one of this old man.

Despite having the educational backgrounds many don't have, despite having a steady job that gives us a stable income, we're always finding excuses to be disappointed. Disappointed that our job is not 'rewarding' enough. Disappointed that our work is not 'fulfilling' enough.

And due to these weak and made up excuses, we are insincere in the tasks that we perform. We don't put all our efforts into the responsibilities that we need to fulfill. 

And yet, look at this old man. He's probably lived doing the same job for more than 50 years and lived in the same economic conditions for most of his life. And yet, when he's holding the cloth straight for running the sewing machine, or when he's using his scissors to cut off a small stray string, there is a look of sincere concentration in his eyes. A look of dedication, of seriousness about the job that he has in hand.

We have people like him around us who can teach us lessons for our life. All we need to do is to develop a learning eye.


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