Nepal 2011 - A Photographic Journey (Part 2)

[Continued from Part 1. Click on the photos to get larger views in a new window, there you can also drop your comments on the individual photos.]

The World Peace Stupa (Pagoda) is another popular destination in Pokhara. Part of the attraction is the large gleaming white structure of the pagoda with a golden statue of the Buddha at the very top of the hill, but it also draws people being one of the key vantage points providing stunning views of the Pokhara landscape. The drive up to the top was pretty scary indeed, our sturdy old jeep was twisting and turning its way upwards over the winding hilly path, the road only a bit wider than the vehicle itself. Had to walk up by foot for about 10 minutes to get to the peak. But just like in Sarangkot the previous day, the weather wasn't on my side. But here I had a good chance of putting my newbie photography skills to the test, trying out some real Panoramas. The result wasn't so bad.
Panorama of the World Peace Pagoda.
Couldn't help going for BW with this one.
View from the World Peace Pagoda.
View from the World Peace Pagoda.
If Phewa Lake is a little too crowded for your taste, head over to Begnas Lake. This is a quite, serene place, secluded from the din and hustle of city life. The water here is still, clear and cold; the lush green hills moulding the lake into its shape giving purely symmetrical reflections in the water. It's far less crowded than Phewal lake, and boating in this lake is a truly relaxing experience. It's like Begnas and Phewa are two sisters. Phewa being the younger, more festive, energetic and flamboyant type who loves to have a blast with family and friends; while Begnas is the elder one, much more reserved, humble and mature. Both are beautiful, in their own ways.

Panorama of the gorgeous Begnas Lake.

The reflections in the  perfectly still water of the lake made me speechless.
Panorama of Begnas Lake.

I just kept shooting from out the window of the passenger seat.
On our way back to the hotel, we were crossing a bridge over the Seti River which runs across Pokhara city. I don't know why our driver didn't think this spot would be interesting to see, I made him pull over and grabbed some shots.

HDR photography of Seti River, Pokhara.
 Since coming to Pokhara I've had something in my mind that I had to do, riding a bicycle in this beautiful city. So on our last afternoon in Pokhara, I wasted no time. And boy did I have some fun! Paddling along the side of the lake, I went up to the Fishtail Lodge. It's a pretty fancy resort which can only be accessed by crossing the Phewa Lake by square shaped barges that are pulled across the lake using ropes. The place is quite attractively decorated and provided a lot of chances for nice shots, but I reached there almost at sunset, and had to get back to the hotel before dark, wimpy kid that I am. So I grabbed some quick snaps and headed back.

When the day comes to an end, Pokhara city can be a great place to walk around with your camera. There are tons of shops selling all kinds of things starting from trekking gear to Kashmiri handicrafts; there are gorgeously decorated restaurants that offer not only mouth watering food, but also offer some interesting shots if you're looking for them. So I used my time as best as I can, snapping away at.... well, all sorts of stuff!

Tried my hand with some Bokehs!



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