Half a Month of Awesomeness

I don't think there could be any better month to end this year. December, or the second half of it, has been jam packed with three very significant events, probably for my life. First of all there was the three days I spent on a jamaat, this time with my dad! Those who know me (or the unlikely souls who read my blog) know pretty well that I try to spend some time of the path of Allah regularly. I've been wanting very badly for a long time now to take my father with me some day. He's been eager a few times as well, but health issues and other mismatches were getting on the way. Finally thanks to Allah we went out together on a jamaat on the 16th and spent the next three days in the environment of a masjid. A long awaited wish of me and my sister has been finally fulfilled, Alhamdulillah.
Then came the biggest family event, ever. The place where my father and my uncles grew up is the native village of Fuljhury, in Pirojpur district of Barisal. There, the more than a hundred year old building of ours made by my great grandfather have recently been reconstructed from ground up, furnished with modern facilities, so that we can stay over there from time to time and reestablish the ties to our roots. A grand family reunion was being planned for that place which finally happened on the 24th. The crown jewel of our family, my grandma returned to her home, now built anew, after many many years, along with her sons and daughters and beloved grandchildren. It was a truly remarkable event, a memory that cannot be forgotten, and most probably will not be repeated.
As for me, those three days in the village were just simply awesome. I've been there last year, but only for a few hours. But this time I got the opportunity to truly explore the village. And guess what, I just loved it. It's a real pleasure to break free from the caged life of Dhaka city and live a few days in a place where nature rules, instead of industries. My fun was particularly heightened cuz I had the chance to walk around and take shots with my uncles Nikon DSLR. Although I've learned the basics of photography theory, but this is the first time I got the chance to put 'em to the test, and boy did I love it!
If I wanna write, I could write volumes about this particular tour, as it has been a truly unforgettable one in many different ways. But as you know me, I'm feeling lazy already, so I'll just leave it here. Inshallah soon I'll post about the photos I took there, they're now in the process of editing! Thanks to Allah that everything went so smoothly without any mishap, and for letting me be there to witness this huge event in our family history. It would probably be a sin not to mention Shapanku, as from the construction of the building to arranging this mega event, he deserves most (if not all) the credit. Hats off to him.
Well, December didn't end there though. As you probably know since completing my studies I've been looking to work somewhere to gain some experience, without deviating from my line of studies. After several months of ... you know.... nothing, I finally got accepted for an internship at Rahimafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd. I got called for interview on the 29th which was not quite a formal interview, and was asked to start from January 1st. Alhamdulillah. I know it's not a job, but still I'll get to learn a lot Inshallah, and for me, that's very important. Thanks to another uncle of mine, Milanku for his support in this matter.
And so it ended, the amazing month of December. A fitting end to 2010, I guess, cuz the whole year has been truly unforgettable.


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