Eid, After an Eventful Ramadaan

I didn't like the way Ramadaan started this year. 4 out of the 5 semester final exams were scheduled to be held in Ramadaan, who would like that? There is the issue of fasting of course, but I didn't mind about that. But I was really depressed cuz I thought I would not be able to take part in the month long Taraweeh prayers. But thanks to Allah (and a little nudge in the right direction from my sister), I found within me the courage to go for it anyway. I never thought I would find the energy to study after attending the salaat for more than one and a half hours, but Subhanallah, I was surprised to find myself studying deep into the night, staying up till sehri. In times I felt my studies were actually going better in Ramadaan. And the exams went pretty good as well.
After the exams were done with, Allah gave me a much greater reward, to spend some time in the Path of Allah. Last time I went in a Jamaat was back in last year's Ramadaan, so I was feeling the increasing need to go out again. My sister was wanting to go to the Masturat Jamaat, the one that involves the Mahram women, for a long time. So me and my sis went to a 3 day Jamaat. This special kind of movement involving women is particularly important. We men go to the mosque, listen to the speeches, take part in the Taalims and thus strengthen our Imaan, but how many of us convey the messages to our mothers, wives or sisters? In order to make our houses steadfast upon the path of Deen Islam, it is highly important that the women have their Imaan renewed from time to time and are well educated in the requirements of Islam. Our sisters, mothers, wives can then encourage us and prey for us so that we can stay in the Right Path.
After returning home, the rest of the days in Ramadaan were pretty boring indeed. I'm always surprised by myself that I really don't enjoy the times when there is nothing to do, no class, no exams. I feel suffocated in fact, like I'm not doing something I'm supposed to. To pass my time, I did what I always do, sit on my PC, mostly playing games. Recently I've been playing Batman - Arkham Asylum, which is obviously the greatest comic book game ever made. Every ascpect of the game seems to be perfect. Don't wanna get into that here.
Then yesterday came the day of Eid. And yet again, it was yet another Eid, but still there was something different this time, cuz now we have a new member in the family, my bro's wife. Some of her relatives visited us on Eid day. So there are some new relatives to share our joy with.
There's a good couple weeks left till the classes start again. I don't really know what else to do other than play games and stuff. I'll be happy to be Batman for a few days.


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    glad to read it....
    Keep going regularly :D


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