At the End of 'Power Stroke'

I remember back in the very first semester, our Basic Mechanical Engineering course was taken by Ashiqur Rahman sir from BUET. He explained an analogy between the 4 years of our course, with the 4 strokes of an engine. The first year is the ‘Intake Stroke’, where the new students are taken in into the varsity for processing. The second year is the ‘Compression Stroke’, as the second year is said to be the most difficult, where the student really feel the pressure of studying engineering. The third year is the ‘Power Stroke’, as this is said to be the year when the students start to feel like engineers, they take over the most active roles in all sorts of campus activities. And the fourth year is the ‘Exhaust Stroke’, when it’s almost done, the soon to be engineers are already planning what to do when they get out.
Today at the last day of my third year, I really find this analogy perfect in every sense. The third year, particularly the second semester, was simply unforgettable. It’s been the most eventful semester so far, and the most enjoyable in every way, except for studies (who cares about that anymore?). The classes have just finished, and I’m already missing the third year. I know there’s one more year ahead, but I feel like the fourth year is not gonna be as fun as the one I’m leaving behind. My semester final exams are gonna start in a couple of weeks time, so for now I must start thinking about my studies a little bit. Hope that Allah helps me out this time as He has done so far.


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