Net Disruptions - When Will This End?

For the last six days or so I'm happing some real trouble with my internet connection. I'm currently using Grameen Phone's internet, which so far has been very satisfactory. I called GP to know about what was going on, and they said that they have been informed by BTTB that there has been some disruption in the undersea fiber optic cable in Singapore, which is the reason for the current hampering of the internet connection. BTTB could not inform them about the possible time for the problem to be fixed. Even after six days the connection is no where near normal. This has really made me wonder, that in the current age of our extreme dependence on the internet, how come that the net is so damn vulnerable, that every now and then this hyped up high speed cable gets cut somewhere, and the internet service in several countries are hampered together? Only a few months ago a major disruption occurred in Egypt, and it happened countless times in our country. Shouldn't this service, which we rely on so heavily nowadays, be made more reliable? I'm not a tech expert and I'm sure that the gurus have been thinking about this issue for a long time, but as a general internet user, I guess I'm right to be concerned about the reliability of the internet.


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