Days of Strike

The last seven days saw the students of AUST on strike, again, abandoning the classes. This outburst was expected since the authority increased the semester fees of the bachelor courses by three thousand bucks. You may think that it's not a lot, and it is obvious that the expenditure of the varsity has increased as it has moved to its new campus and all, but honestly the authority doesn't have the right to increase a single taka, as the students were given specific figures about the cost of the total course. New students may be charged as they please to, but old students definitely don't deserve this, and it violates the commitment which were made to us when we were admitted. So, this strike was totally on the menu. That's why for the last seven days, students of all our departments have been shunning the classes and taking part in the 'Andolon'. In our varsity, strike doesn't mean blocking up the streets, burning cars and stuff like you see the students of the public universities do. Instead we just sit in front of the VC's room and scream in chorus, stupid eh? But guess what, it works! Our move to the new campus was accelerated due to these strikes, and this current issue as well have been resolved as the authority has finally succumbed to the demands of the students. But each semester the students are put under pressure towards the end of the semester, as at least one week of classes are always hampered by strikes for some cause. But it's all become second nature to us and Inshallah from tomorrow the classes will go on 'nice and smooth'. It's all business as usual for the students.


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