Painstaking Task

Yesterday I had to complete the painstaking and grueling task of the Electrical Design and Drafting assignment. I admit the task was given to us several weeks ago, but as is our custom, we always do it at the 11th hour (actually we do it just before the 12th). The assignment was to design the necessary layouts for planning the electrical connections of a one storied house, the floor plan was provided. We had to design the Fitting and Fixtures layout, which shows the positions of the various electrical appliances i.e. light, fans, sockets etc. Then there was the Conduit layout, which shows the wiring and the conduits (conduits are the concealed pipes through which the wires are connected across the floor). We also had to draw switchboard and distribution board connection diagram. None of the diagrams were difficult to draw, but the disturbing part was that we had to draw them on art paper (22" X 28"). Working on such a huge piece of paper was totally discomforting. It took me more than 5 hours in total to finish the task. Well, Alhamdulillah the finished product looked pretty good to me, so I couldn't help taking some snaps.


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