Feast at Shourav's place

Yesterday me and some friends had lunch at Shourav's place. Actually I was responsible for this invitation. Back on Eid day Shourav said that they had bought an Australian cow for this Eid-ul Adha. I wondered if it tastes any different, and I told Shourav that he should invite us to have some beef. As a result, 10 January was fixed for the lunch. Interestingly, exactly 364 days ago on January 11 2007, we were here at a similar lunch. Anyway, we went to Shourav's home straight from varsity. They played a movie about an autistic boy, but more interesting to see than the movie was Farhan's reaction. I knew that Farhan was a guy who is very affectionate about children and he's a bold speaker against child abuse. So it was expected that Farhan could get emotional during this movie. I was right. During the whole movie he was almost speechless, and for some time he was literally crying. It was nice to see such emotion from him.
Now come to the fun part, the food. Shourav's mom, just like the last time, had prepared a great set of dishes for us. There was beef (obviously), chicken roast, prawn, vegetable, salad and a few more items. Honestly speaking, each of those items was really delicious, and yet again, I put a lot of food into my stomach. We stayed there for some some time after lunch, gossiping and giving one another some 'Pochani'. Most of the times the victim was Nobin (hehe). After Asr prayer me and Kanto took our leave and started for home.


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