On Allah's path, with my father

This day was pretty memorable. The Jamaat from our mosque are staying at a mosque in Kuril for three days, starting from Friday. Last night, by Allah's will, my dad suddenly decided to go there and join the great work for a day. I didn't expect him to make such a decision. But no one knows what Allah wishes. So today after lunch, me and my father went to that mosque and joined our Jamaat. After Asr we went out for Gasht (to invite people to the mosque), and my father was there with us. I did the part of inviting. After Maghrib we listened to the discussion. And then after Isha we came back home.
It might not sound much to you, but I know how big this is for me. It teaches me a lesson. We always think that we can predict everything. We judge the future with reference to the present situation, and we forget that Allah can do whatever He wants. He can bring about things we never even imagined, He can make changes to the world within a blink of an eye. All we have to do is have some faith, and never stop praying and trying. May Allah open up our eyes to the Truth. Ameen.


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