Friend Wanted

Friend. Isn't that someone who's supposed to cry for your sorrow, rejoice for your happiness? Isn't that someone who would share the same views with you? You probably have a lot of friends then, who you can share your life with.
There is always some chief goal in your life, a chief concern or target. A subject that drives your thoughts and guides your life. To some it's music, to some it's politics, or to some it's love for a 'special person' etc. This is the center point around which one's life and thoughts rotate. A friend is someone who you share these feelings with. I see most of the friend circles sitting and chatting about music and movies, or gossiping about their love lives, discussing what their loved ones said to them last night, or how they looked. So they have a common center point around which they themselves move and they share it with each other, so they are friends.
Now, in this generation, if your center point of life is Islam, you're really lucky if you can find yourself a friend who shares the common point with you. Those who live in the hostels or dormetories often find themselves a suitable friend circle as there are so many different kinds of people there. I know brothers living in hostels who have found themselves an Islamic minded circle, who think alike. I really feel jelous of them sometimes, because for boys like me who study at university going from home, it's hard to find people who share the same views and to spend time with them. In my case, I don't have a single friend who thinks as I think.
I go through a lot of tough times because of being a bit religious, facing problems from family, society etc, and I don't have anyone to share it with (except my sister). Those whose chief concern is love get to share their sorrows of being dumped by their girlfriends with others, but as for me, there's no one who can lighten my load. Those who don't have the same problem have no idea how painful it is. It's not that I'm totally neglected in the class or that I sit alone in the corner, I have classmates and they do like me. We do chat together and help each other in studies, but they are not my 'friends', got it? They don't share my views. They lead a totally different lifestyle, their goal in life is way different than mine, way different. Even the friends I consider as my closest friends are so much apart from me in mentality.
Not being able to share is a hard thing to do. What am I supposed to do in this situation? I know the answer myself, it's Daawat. By Daawat only can I change the world around me. But I'm quite inexperienced. Even for Daawat I would like a partner which I don't have. I lack courage. I pray for courage to Allah. I pray to Allah for a true friend. I know Allah is one's best friend, Who knows everything even if you don't say it. He knows my situation and this is a test from Him. I pray to Allah for strength to pass this test. I pray to Allah for a true friend.


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